Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter in Hand...er, not quite...

So, I came home today to find a small package from Flying Buffalo. I knew they were going to send out some of the add ons and such separate from the actual dT&T gamebooks, as that shit just aint done yet.

What did I get?

- a set of 3 T&T dice

- a T&T pencil

- 2013 Free RPG Day dT&T "Preview Pack"

- City of Terrors poster

- Trollworld Poster Map

- some "Fellowship of the Troll" poster

now, my packing slip lists:

- 1 set of Demon Dice (check!)

- Trollworld Map (check!)

- Buffalo Castle (nope)

- T&T pencils (check - assuming "pencils" quantity "1" means 1 pencil)

I dont think we have an ETA yet on the actual dT&T rulebooks yet.


  1. The Swag is Arriving!

    There's a thread over on Trollbridge with that heading. Cheer us up by posting your good fortune. Me, I'm still waiting. But, the list must be shrinking and my name must be getting closer to the top. Just say, "sure kid" (:

  2. Hi Erik! Hope you liked the items you got. You didn't actually say what you thought of them. At the moment, we are NOT shipping any books (with a couple of occasional exceptions) as mentioned in the Kickstarter update a couple of months ago. We have been shipping non-book items. All the books will be sent together via media rate shipping once the rules are done and ready to ship. Meanwhile enjoy the things you got! And thanks for being a part of a whole new era for T&T!


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