Friday, May 16, 2014

Bundle of Holding - Numenera

I have Numenera. Haven't done more than skim it, but I have it. It's by Monte Cook, so it's got to be good, or at least, decent. Right?

My one complaint is the watermarking on the pages makes it damn difficult for my eyes to read. YMMV.

Your Bundle of Numenera is here.


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  2. "It's by Monte Cook, so it's got to be good, or at least, decent. Right?"

    This is the guy who wrote "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil" which pretty much completely ignored and/or overturned the whole mythology that the original had established. So I'm going to call shenanigans.

    1. He's the 3rd edition guy, right? Barf.

    2. Dont forget Ptolus, the setting of "the d20 rules with the volume turned all the way up"...

  3. Eh, sure, the price is right, but Monte Cook is not, by any means, anyone I would associate with quality design. All ofthe nifty things about Numenara show up in plenty of other, better games which only leaves the setting, which I understand to be quite good.

  4. Thanks for the heads up; picked up the bundle!

  5. I played Numenera for about a month before I started getting bored with it.. Maybe it was the DM.. I don't know but I just never got into it..

  6. Emperor's new post-apocalyptic science-fantasy RPG... I mean, clothes?


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