Saturday, August 9, 2014

Free Hoard of the Dragon Queen Supplement for 5e at WotC (who thought hot pink was a good choice?)

Not friendly to ANY sensibilities
Looking for some magic items, monsters and even new spells for use with the free 5e Basic Set? Look no further.

WotC has a downloadable document for use with Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Good, usable stuff even on it's own.

Grab the printer friendly copy or your eyes will bleed ;)

Much more friendly version, printer or otherwise


  1. Looks to me like the same background as Basic, maybe there's something wrong with your reader? Or they oopsed and put out a messed up one that they've now replaced.

    1. one replay so far on G+ had the same issue. Said it was a corrupted DL - possibly browser issue

  2. Yeah, mine isn't pink although the textured background has a light pink tint to it. Print friendly is still the way to go even without the corrupted file.

  3. What are yall thinking of the content of this supplement?
    Will it be enough to hold you over until the MM and DMG drop?
    Personally, I like that the dragons seem very lethal.


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