Sunday, August 3, 2014

Not My Kinda Kickstarter but it May Scratch Your Itch - RPG Tees

So as to not have my only two posts for the weekend be Nystulian of nature, I present to you - RPG Tees.

I'm not a huge fan of T-shirts with graphics (although I did make a major exception for the awesome Barrowmaze T-shirts) but many people do like them. I can see the fine Knights of the Dinner table wearing such shirts.

Now, you can get these T's from Cafepress from the creators' own store front for as low as $18 plus shipping. Here your looking at $25 including shipping. Pretty much a toss up - except that you obviously have to wait a few months for the shirt from Kickstarter.

1 comment:

  1. The two example logos you demonstrate don't seem very creative, and the bard one's a bit creepy.....although I have a former regular player who'd love that one. Pass!


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