Friday, August 8, 2014

On Air Hangout with the Man Behind "Adventures in the East Mark" - and we have Prizes!

The Tenkar & The Badger Podcast, in conjunction with eXtra-Dimensional Publishing's David Wilson Brown, is going to do an On Air Hangout (G+) on Sunday, August 10th at 3pm Eastern.

David will be fielding questions in regards to Adventures in the East Mark, an OSR retroclone that has come to us via Spain.

Consider this episode 1.5 of the podcast.

There will be prizes randomly awarded to those that participate in the Hangout, both in PDF and print (the cost to mail the print copy of Adventures in the East Mark will be covered by the podcast, but the prizes are being provided by eXtra-Dimensional Publishing).

Further details will be provided at the Tavern Radio G+ Community page.

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