Sunday, August 10, 2014

Whereupon I Decide Greygor Will be a Warrior With 18 HP at 1st Level (DCC RPG)

After Greygor, the woodcutter with the amazing stats survived the initial funnel, the hard decision was which class to go with. I was leaning heavily on either a paladin or a bard from Crawl!, but in the end went with the simple warrior. There is something about +4 to HP every level with a d12 for hit dice that is hard to beat.

At 0-level, Greygor had 7 HP. Rolling a 7+4 for 1st level, he now has 18. I really can't complain.

He'll mostly be wielding a well crafted but non magical two handed sword he was rewarded with at the end of the funnel, so he will strike slow but hard. Oh, and take one hell of a beating.

The two other PCs are a cleric and a thief. All the halflings died in the funnel :(


  1. I guess the halflings were so lucky after all.

  2. It's an easy mistake to make as a zero-level, to not burn your luck so hard. You don't realize that by sacrificing luck, you get to _live!_

    What software are you using to track your DCC character? What is that screen shot you posted?

  3. We can make this quick Eric. Go ahead and make a poison save....

  4. I feel like I must be an idiot. Do warriors in DCC really get a double Stamina bonus to their Hit Points? I can't find it in the rules anywhere.

    1. lucky roll - my luck bonus adds to HP per level too

    2. Damn these eyes. Yeah, "Lucky Roll" indeed.


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