Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kickstarter - Designers & Dragons - A History of RPGs (All initial stretch goals are funded)

I really enjoyed the PDF I have of the original, single volume Designers & Dragons. When I heard there was a 4 volume (possibly 1600 pages total) being worked on, I was thrilled.

It's here.

I'm thrilled :)

For a measly buck you can grab volume 1 in PDF, mobi or epub right now.

For $15, you'll get all 4 volumes in electronic format. Volume 2 should be ready for download by Friday.

For $85 your get all 4 volumes in softcover and electronic format.

Need I say more?

If nothing else, spend a buck and grab Volume 1, the 70's and read about the birth of our hobby.


  1. $15 for all the ebooks is a steal, and Shannon Appelcline is a sure bet. Done and backed.

  2. Did Jon Peterson have a Kickstarter?

  3. Are they covering Fast Forward Entertainment. This is a helluva topic worth covering in the 00-09 saga.

  4. I read through the '80s volume and consider that it, alone, is well worth the $$$.


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