Monday, July 7, 2014

Low Level Monsters for use with 5e Basic from Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Via a Mike Mearls retweet of a Morrus (ENWorld) tweet - we have a document that gives us a selection of low level monsters for use with the 5e Basic Rules.

Very cool.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard - Encounters and Monster Statistics: D&D Next


  1. So awesome! How'd they know I needed a wererat and quasit stat blick? Sweet!

  2. Considering the prices of the up coming publications, it's nice that they're throwing a few "teasers" out there to wet our appetites.

  3. Thanks, it was interesting to see the monster stats because it puts more of the rules into context. methinks anyone worried about "bad saves" could just chill out and not worry about it because the DCs to resist monster attacks don't look to go very high.

  4. Note that these monsters use the playtest rules (you can tell because they have "level" instead of "CR," so their stats may not tell us anything definitive about MM monsters. Perhaps someone with the Starter Set could compare the goblin or orc here with the ones there and note any significant differences.

  5. The XP will need to be adjusted if they come from playtest, but mechanically they will work to provide good challenges for characters made with the Basic Rules.
    And by adjusted, I mean nearly doubled.

  6. I have this and the Murder In Baldur's Gate stats printed and in my 5E binder. I realize they're not made using finalized versions of the rules, but I have a finally they'll do until I get something more concrete.

    1. Yes, and folks can find the Murder in Baldur's Gate stats here:


      It's a pretty good list of stated NPCs & humanoid foes.


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