Thursday, July 10, 2014

OpenQuest 2 Basic available for Free in PDF

I've been a fan of OpenQuest for a while. It's built off of the open MRQ / Legend rules, and it really is a nice version of what is at it's core the Chaosium d100 rules.

OpenQuest 2 Basic is a slightly stripped down version of OpenQuest 2. OQ2 Basic is free in PDF and $10 POD.

If I run a D100 game, it would be OQ2 Basic. Actually, the next system I'd like to run would be OpenQuest 2. God himself only know if and when I'll find the time ;)


  1. Nice! OpenQuest is kind of like the Swords & Wizardry of D100 gaming. Although a brief glance suggests that "slightly stripped down" includes "with random character generation removed in favour of point-allocation" which means I won't be shelling out $10 or $20 for paperback player-reference copies.


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