Sunday, July 6, 2014

Necromancer Games Returns with a 5e Kickstarter of mostly New Material

Necromancer Games, which I believe is fully owned by Frog God Games (but I could be wrong, and perhaps I am) just launched a Kickstarter in the early morning hours for new 5e material.

Yeah, there is currently no licensing agreement / OGL specifically for D&D 5e at the moment, but much like The Wizard's Amulet update and release for 5e, I suspect this Kickstarter will be working under / behind the OGL. Time will tell, won't it?

Three books are in the mix (below is from the Kickstarter page)
5th Edition Foes. It’s going to start with 200 monsters in it. 
Quests of Doom, an adventure book we estimate at 180-260 pages, depending on stretch goals achieved. It will contain two updates from third edition books (Demons and Devils, Vampires and Liches) that contained a total of six adventures. PLUS, it will contain 6-12 new adventures under the section titles "Bugs and Blobs", “Giants and Dragons,” “Men and Monstrosities,” and “Elementals and Lycanthropes.” 
Book of Lost Spells. This sourcebook will contain hundreds of spells, and we estimate that it will run 250 pages
So, any possible issues highlighted?

In this Kickstarter, you’re almost certain to get something that’s slightly different from the way we are planning it right at this moment, because we’re raising money and starting work before the whole game is even out on the shelves. Page counts will vary depending on the length and format of the material, licensing requirements might alter the content of updated material, and so on. (emphasis mine)

Oh yeah, it's going to be an interesting ride...


  1. I love, love, love FGG and NG. They made 3e / Pathfinder palatable for an old schooler like me. This though... this leaves me a smidgen worried. With the license not settled down... just seems (maybe feels) a little like vaporware.

    ...north that I probably won't buy in though... :)

  2. Very high buy in point for the books. I don't get the pledge levels. I'll have to see how this one plays out.

  3. Seems premature without a licensing agreement in play.

  4. I'd say it's about a third new material, Erik, if that. The goal is to provide third party resources virtually alongside the official ones, so there's a LOT of material which is simply conversion.

    I'm confused about thinking that it's a high buy-in for the books, Tim. $40 for a library quality signature-stitched hardcover with USA shipping cost included is a freakin' bargain basement price. We could charge $35 for a glue-bound hardcover, but those fall apart with repeated use. Probably we should have focused on the binding quality more in the Kickstarter text.

  5. Greg, there is a licensing system in play (the OGL), just not an agreement with WotC to license/use the trademark. That's why we have to call it "5th Edition" instead of the game's actual name.

  6. Price points are insanely high. I will have to pass this one by unfortunately.

    1. High compared to other kickstarters? I know there are other kickstarters which have books priced a lot lower, but then again have they delivered? I believe NG/FGG have priced it realistically to ensure delivery, something a lot of other kickstarters struggle with.

  7. Count me.... as pricing goes this seems like one of the cheapest Frog God/Necromancer kickstarters yet.

  8. Here we go again. Game isn't even truly out yet and the splatbooks are already flowing.


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