Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Kickstarter that makes me go "WTF!?!" - Soul Sword RPG (Christian Themed Zelda Rip)

Where should I start with Soul Swords RPG, the Christian themed computer RPG?

Maybe from the beginning...
Soul Sword RPG is a Christian based rpg game the games theme is focused around the "Whole body armor of God" Ephesians 6 
18 year old Jack Rionhart a babe in Christ is called by Jehova to be the Spirit Leader unsure and fearful of the task before him he soon learns he must gain all of the lost pieces of the Body Armor of God and restore the fruits of a spiritually dead people of Larule. A growing evil from the land to the East threatens Jacks progress. Lord Cain Wants to destroy king Abel and take over Larule promising a life of pleasures and lust. The life blood of the kingdom a large natural crystal called the SEOUL purifies the fresh water for the people of larule. In Lord Cains lust for power he must kidnap the remaining descendants of the Founders to find out where the SEOUL is hidden so he can rule the entire land. Can Jack and his team of four restore the faith of Larule, find the Whole Body Armor of God and with the Sword of the Spirit destroy the Evil One who posses Lord Cain in time?
Listen, I don't expect this to be a steaming pile of poo because it's a Christian themed computer RPG. Well, that may be part of it, but it isn't the only reason.

First things first - if you can't write coherently when you are trying to sell something, how are you going to write coherently when you actually design something? Run on sentences are The Devil in disguise to all writers. The man needs an editor (or an exorcist).

Then we go on to this part:
The games artwork, Villains, map layout and story will be done mostly by me and some of my friends through the RPG maker program on windows and will only be available for play on windows. Our company I call 4-8 Games, 4-8 from Philippians 4:8. I plan a release date with the help of funds in the Summer of 2016 at the latest, or possibly earlier. My main goal is getting the word out through advertising.
Interestingly enough, the rewards are supposed to ship by October of 2014. Small bit of disconnect going on. At least the RPG Maker program allows one to sell the games created using it.

Now, some folks say "you shouldn't judge a kickstarter project based on the creator not having supported any projects themselves" and maybe that is a valid point. However, sometimes you can quickly tell when someone has no understanding how Kickstarter works:
If the fund raising goal is not met all contributions will be used for advertising, resources for the game and the games website. 
Sorry dude, you are thinking of Indiegogo and it's "Flexible Funding that separates fools from their money" fundraising.

Oh, and a 22 minute video is not cool. Especially when the first 8 minutes or so is you rocking ever so slightly in your recliner - nearly got motion sickness.

Consider this a "how not to do a Kickstarter project" project, Christian themed or otherwise.


  1. Ages ago, a company (Wisdom Tree, I think?) Made a few games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, all Christian themed. One of them was similar to this. It was a clone of the Legend of Zelda mechanics, though if memory serves you were after the fruit of the spirit, rather than the armor of God. It was actually pretty fun, and makes me wonder if this fellow was inspired by that game.

  2. 'That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah.'

  3. "I don't expect this to be a steaming pile of poo because it's a Christian themed computer RPG."

    To be honest, I kind of do.

    Look, the vast majority of people in this country are at least nominally Christians, so it stands to reason that the majority of talented and successful artists and writers in this country are also probably Christians. So I personally would never make a statement like, "Just because a Christian made it, it's probably garbage."

    HOWEVER... it's been my personal experience that most people who make a huge public spectacle of their piety are usually mediocre or worse at their "secular" job. I think the incomprehensible gibberish you quoted above supports my theory in this case.

  4. Jesus. People undervalue proofreaders and editors.


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