Monday, March 10, 2014

Testing Tables - Embedding Tables in a Blogpost and Playing With Coppers

Last Gasp Grimoire has a way to imbed tables into a blog post. Mo idea if the link above is going to work, but I'd love to see the tables others come up with.

Of course, I may have buggered the above to shit for all I know. The test is in the posting.

Whether I can make it work or not, thanks go out to +Logan Knight and +Paolo Greco .

Any failures to execute are mine alone ;)


  1. Two rats for 2000 coppers?! RIP OFF! I'll sell you FOUR rats for 1000 coppers! Come one come all to Jason's Rat Emporium Extravaganza!

  2. Replies
    1. I should add, using Win7, Chrome 33, with an ad blocker on.

    2. you click Rats & Coppers and there is a "pop up", but I suspect it's blocked for you

      here is your result:

      3 blind rats copper vase valued at 2 sp

    3. Ad blockers shouldn't interfere (I use one myself), but if you also have pop-ups blocked in your browser it most definitely would.

      If you have an ad blocker running there shouldn't be any reason to also block pop-ups so turn them on and enjoy some random generators.

  3. 1 bent copper piece? I feel totally cheated and will frequent this post no more.

  4. 9 Rats 9 copper pieces... not a great deal. :(

    P.S. The only drawback is that you must manually close the window after clicking on OK.

  5. It worked on my iPad too.

  6. Works on my Win7, Chrome 33 set up.
    I'll play with mobile and Mac OSX later today. Got a deadline to hit. :D

    1. Plays well with chrome on my Android phone, too.

  7. In WordPress you've got about 6 different ways to add a table, two of which work. :)


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