Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Playing with the Blogger App - How Light can I Travel to a Con?

It's a no brainer that I plan to post from NO RPG Con, the only question is how feasible is it to use my phone to do so.

So, out at Friday's with the wife and kid giving the Blogger App a try - and trying hard not to smack the ass in the next booth that is vapping or whatever they call those electronic cigarettes.

Yeah, that would be a real life adventure ;)


  1. I have not used the blogger app in a while but in fact downloaded it today. For some reason I could not successfully attach an image to the post (and when I tried to remove it it caused the app to crash...every time). For simple text posts I think it would work fine, but for me, right now, sucks.

  2. I've found the Wordpress apps work fantastically. However I don't live blog ANYTHING so it seems to be completely wasted on me.


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