Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Official - Registered for NTRPG Con and Have My Room - When Do We Sign up for Games?

Tonight, after making sure the wife (she that rules with a velvet open palm ;) could take off from work for the days in question, I officially registered for NTRPG Con.

Holy shit - my first con in 21 years.

We will arrive Wednesday and leave on Monday. I see +Zach Glazar is running a LL session and +Matt Finch is running some S&W and there's just a crap load of other stuff I want to do. I really need to plan my battle plan out before registration opens for the individual games.

My wife is interested in hitting the Con for at least one day, so I might register her for all 4 days too. She's enjoy the board games and maybe even the Tunnels & Trolls slot I saw on the board, as her one and only RPG session was T&T 7e.

Yep, the shit just became real. I just need to find Rach some Karaoke and all will be sweet as pie ;)

In any case, I look forward to hooking up in June with the friends I've made online that I've yet to meet face to face.


  1. This will be my fourth year driving down from St. Louis for NTRPGCon. The first year I went, it was the first gaming convention I'd attended and it was a blast. Every year since has been great. It's an event I eagerly look forward to year round.

  2. Still not sure how much I'll be in attendance this year even though I'm local. New baby due the week before the convention.

    That said, it's an awesome convention. I expect you'll have a blast.

    Doug opens the registration for games at midnight between April 14 and April 15. There's a rush to log in around 11 PM on 14 April. lots of folks hop on the chat widget at the NTRPG Con site and chatter with each other for an hour or so before it opens.


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