Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Review - The Sunken City Adventure Omnibus & Guide (DCC RPG)

I wanted to get a review of The Sunken City Adventure Omnibus & Guide posted while it was still one sale for GMs Day at 30% off, but why repeat some of my earlier posts ;)

I've reviewed some of the individual titles of the Sunken City series previously:

A Gathering of the Marked

The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk

Perils of the Sunken City

The adventures read well and play well and now come wrapped in a fine bow. The complete package also includes Lair of the Mist Men, adventure hooks, new magic items, new creatures, a new patron and more.

I really had blast running The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk - can't believe that was nearly two years ago.

Listen, it's well done and fun to play and really does DCC well and would probably convert well to other OSR games too.

But hey, let me quote from the books RPGNow page so you know what you are getting, which is a lot if you ask me:

The Sunken City Adventure Omnibus & Guide contains four complete beginning adventures and a host of new material to enhance your Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign. Features include:

Every best-selling Sunken City Adventure (Perils of the Sunken City, The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk, A Gathering of the Marked, Lair of the Mist Men) combined and refined into a single full-color volume.

Both a 96-page desktop/print version and a 200-page mobile version built from scratch for viewing on your tablet!

A massive 84-page master appendix containing extra content, pre-gen characters, player maps, 1-inch scale battle maps, and over 150 paper miniatures. 

A patron write-up of Malloc, the devious master of secrets.

At long last... Opossuman player characters! 

Adventure seeds, new monsters, 24 new magic items, judging tips, and more!

Print Version: Special Offer
Both hardcover and softcover version of the Sunken City Adventure Omnibus & Guide are coming! Everyone who purchases the PDF version in the interim will receive a special offer to purchase the print version at the lowest price when available!

If you've previously purchased one or more of the Sunken City Adventures from RPGNow, you should have received an email with a code to purchase it at a reduced price. If you haven't, or have purchased the adventures from both RPGNow and other locations, contact us at info@purplesorcerer.com with a list of the adventures you own, and we'll get you set up!

That's a crap load for your $12.59 (at least through March 15th.)

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