Monday, March 24, 2014

Scarlet Heroes Art Has Been Released to the Public Domain - Crawford Does it Again!

Yep, +Kevin Crawford has done it yet again. This time he's released all of the art from the Scarlet Heroes rulebook into the public domain. You can use it on your blogs, in your projects and it's free.
Kevin previously did this with his first Kickstarter, Spear of the Dawn (art pack here and additional art here).

This time he even got +Dyson Logos to join in. So damn cool!

Below are some samples (and much more in the free art pack)


  1. I would love to see a Kickstarter that is nothing but art commissioned to release into the public domain. There's so much OSR stuff that doesn't have art, or old PD stuff.

    I guess that might ultimately hurt the artists in the long run, but so many of them have sold the rights to their art to publishers simply for them to resell as stock art, I think the damage has probably been done.

    But anyway, kudos to Mr. Crawford. If there is a classier guy in gaming, I don't know him.

  2. This is fantastic. I DLed the art bundle and there are so many great pieces. You'll see a few of them in a few of my products. Thank you Kevin, and to all the artists that contributed.

  3. Re First Picture:

    I find a place for the giant I might have that look for my Atlantlans. A sort of mix between European and Mexica.

  4. I lifted the visual cues for the ogre's outfit from Indonesia and Wayang Kulit shadow plays. Java/Bali/thereabouts have a lot of neat visual chrome to play with that doesn't get much exposure in gaming.


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