Sunday, March 23, 2014

And the Winners... will have to wait 'till tomorrow...

I have the lists from the three judges of the OSR Superstar Competition in hand and after quickly looking them over it leads me to believe one thing - with ties I suspect we'll have over the 16 first round winners allotted for. Which is kinda cool, and thankfully the patrons of this blog used The Tavern's affiliate links during the RPGNow GM Sale, so the credit is there waiting to be used.

If all goes well, it should be sorted out by tomorrow night - Monday. If it doesn't go well (meaning my contractor who is building a closet in this very room and likes to work late runs even later tomorrow) it may not get sorted until Tuesday.

Still, right around the corner.

Now, back to clearing out the rest of this room so it's ready for tomorrow. Yesterday was Bowflex disassemble time, which would have been upsetting, but as all it had done for the last year was act as a clothes rack and a shelf for books, the closet is probably the more practical option...


  1. So, there will probably be more than 16 winners moving on to the next round or is that still firmly at 16?

  2. prizes will top out at 20 entries - as for how many advance to round 2 - all I can say now is - at least 20 :)


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