Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wherein the Party Bungie Jumps Off of a Statue's Head

So, last night the party entered +Jason Paul McCartan 's The Caves of Ortuk. Actually, it took them a most of the session to actually enter the caves, as they were distracted by a statue (humanoid with a tentacled head) on a small rocky island off shore.

Who did they send out to the island to investigate? The monk, followed by the magic-user and the thief. The ranger and the paladin found themselves a location by the caves (at the shore) to cover them with missiles.

Which was kinda good, as the giant crab attacked the two in armor, nearly taking out the paladin. There is something said about "splitting up the party"...

Anyhow, after the giant crab was dispatched by an amazing critical backstab by the halfling thief leaping out of the water (and there was some lamenting about the lack of butter) the two reaming on the island with the stone statue decided they needed to remove it from it's perch.

Being too large and heavy to push over, it was decided to tie a rope to the statue's neck and send the monk leaping from it's head and over the side of the island (10 feet for the statues, about 30 feet for the rocky outcropping off the island.

The first try yanked the head of the statues right off as the monk nimbly grabbed on the rocky of the cliff as he watched the head sail past him by mere feet.

Notice, I did say first try.

This was followed up by tying the rope around the shoulders and making the same attempt yet again. Surprising enough, it succeeded in knocking down the statues (nearly taking out the mage) and the monk again was successful in preventing himself from taking a tumble into the waters below.

The mage was disappointed to find out that the weathered statue was carved from the island's stone. There was no hidden passageway or long lost cache of loot to be found, but there was fun for all.

It was only afterwards that they found the concealed underwater entrance to the caves in question.

See, I knew my group would stretch this out to at least two sessions ;)

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