Thursday, March 27, 2014

The "B-Team" is About to Explore the Castle of the Mad Archmage

Look what the mail man left me yesterday (among other things which I may post about later).

Tomorrow night the B-Team will delve into the Castle of the Mad Archmage. Session reports and review will be forthcoming.


  1. Overlord's GOING DOWN. My first (second?) level fighter will waste him.

  2. Looking MUCH forward to it, also a review please :D

  3. So Black Blade never got this done?

  4. Back in college when I lived in the co-op, the "B-Team" was the nickname applied to the two unfortunate guys who had bathroom cleaning duty that fateful week when a big turd was found right in the middle of the floor. After many accusations, recriminations, and a good deal of bitching, the "B-Team" relentlessly went into action and cleaned that shit up.

    We never did find out who it was that missed the toilet that day with such dire results. But, much like the Phoenix, from that conflagration a legend was born!


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