Monday, March 24, 2014

And the Winners of the First Round of the OSR Superstar Competition Are... (Part I of II)

So, an amazing thing happens when you ask 3 judges to prepare their personal "Best 16 Lists" out of over 330 entries - you get 3 lists that are almost each unique.

Of those 3 lists, only 7 entries made it on to 2 lists, and none made it to all 3 lists.

Soooo... those 7 will each receive $10 RPGNow Gift Certificates and one randomly chosen by +Tim Shorts last night gets the Crypts & Things PDF bundle curtesy of +Newt Newport and D101 games.

Who are those 7 you may ask and what were their entries?

+Gus L for Coward's Heart

Nathan Irving for Codex of Dungeons

Simon Hogwood for Meril's Marvelous Map

Welleron for Bag of Six Demons (Welleran will be receiving the Crypts & Things PDF Bundle)

+Joe D for Liber Rubigo Mortem

Dwayne Gillingham for Torvit's Amulet of Historic Viewing

Fred Bednarski for - Umarlak

Congrats to all of the above! I'll be contacting you in the next day or two to find out where to send your prizes.

As for the other entries? I discussed with Tim, and the idea we discussed was advancing everyone that made the lists. Which should be 34 entries in addition to the seven above (although I need to check to see if anyone made the list with more that one entry) moving on to round two.

13 of those 34 entries will get $5 RPGNow Gift certificates, to be determined randomly, but all 34 plus 7 will advance to the next round.

I'll work on that list of 34 for tomorrow night and will look to post the 7 entries that topped the list tonight.

Then round 2 will kick off later this and 41 fine folk will need to design some monsters ;)


  1. Props to all y'all!
    Can't wait to read 'em; they all sound ¡Awesome McPossum!

    But I am man enough to admit I'm mad I didn't win (yet?). Heh

  2. Wow, I can't believe that my name is up there among the victors! Thank you to the judges and congrats to all those other 40 who I will be sharing 2nd round with :)

  3. I was very pleased by all the entries. With so many too look at I'm not surprised that we only had a bit of overlap. All the entries were really well done.

  4. Are you still compiling the magic items and releasing them as a pdf? Will you require artwork?

    1. Mark Gedak / Purple Duck will be compiling the entries into a free PDF for us, as doing so in a timely fashion is beyond my ability these days.

      You would have to ask Mark the art question.

  5. Congrats winners!
    I can't wait to see all these magic items!!!

  6. So who am I sending d30 DM Companions to?

    1. Initially it was the top 14 or 16; not sure if that's changed to 100% random or top 7+random or something else.

    2. it will be the top 7 i do believe, as 41 is too damn large a number

      i will be awarding random $5 RPGNow GC for 13 of the 34 "1 vote getters" - if NBD wants to give to those too, that is great, if not they should use their credit to buy it.

      alright, back to cleaning and moving boxes

    3. If you can swing it (and it might be a bit much), it'd be nice to give the d30DMC to the random (21?) that don't get a gift certificate rather than the 13 that do.


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