Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LBBs - Original & Reprint - Men & Magic - Side by side

The reprint is slightly wider than the original (I'm guessing 3/4 of an inch), but the height is the same. The white color of the reprint is going to get dirty fast if it's put into regular play. And I still don't like the new covers.

Oh, and nothing beats the feel of the old covers.

The reprint is however, easier on the eyes. Where there were editing changes in the original and therefore bold print, the reprint fixes that. Oh, and Minotaurs are now underlined as they should be.

The reprint is more readable and easier on the eyes than the original, as it is all laid out new. Even a grumpy old grognard like me can admit to that.

Maybe with the upcoming snowy weekend, I'll get some time to dig deeper into the reprint box.


  1. I think most prefer the old cover, but like the readability of the new booklets. I'm still not sold on the whole idea of that box set since it will probably sit on my shelf. But it looks pretty.

  2. I'm with Tim on this one - better readability (and a wee bit of editing) is a huge plus, but the artwork on the cover is evocative of a certain type of play. This post: http://sorcerersskull.blogspot.com/2014/01/every-picture-tells-story.html sums up my art sets a tone thoughts.

  3. my biggest disappointment is the "flimsy" covers. For the price, they could've used a stronger card stock cover to hold up to the wear of usage.


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