Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scarlet Heroes Kickstarter will add 5 Dyson Logos Maps into the Public Domain for All to Use

Did I mention how awesome +Kevin Crawford and +Dyson Logos are?

From the Scarlet Heroes Kickstarter comments section:
Creator Kevin Crawford about 18 hours ago
We do hove nigh to $8K. I've just emailed with Dyson Logos and arranged to pony up enough cash to buy full rights to the five maps he's drawing, so those will be public domain as well. Otherwise, I've mostly been cutting and editing and tweaking to get the layout for the 32-page quickstart in order. The first cut at it has seven pages set, but I'm being obliged to think about exactly how I want it illustrated.
This is a benefit for anyone and everyone that plays RPGs.

You are backing Scarlet Heroes, right?


  1. Fine Erik. I'm in. BUT, if Ivy goes to kick my ass, I'm giving her your address.

  2. I'm in, but Kevin's doing it so that pretty much means I'm because:

    1. Everything he's done that I've bought has been more than worth it.
    2. He knows how to do a KS right and came in early last time.


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