Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Sine Nomine Kickstarter - Scarlet Heroes (If you support just one Kickstarter in 2014...)

Fact - +Kevin Crawford 's first Kickstarter, Spears of the Dawn, was distributed in PDF to backers BEFORE funding closed.

Fact - Stars Without Number is the most successful OSR Sci-Fi RPG on the market - and the base PDF is free.

Fact - +Kevin Crawford 's latest Kickstarter, Scarlet Heroes, funded in less than 18 hrs and has hit it's first stretch goal on only it's second day of funding.

Fact - I am a +Kevin Crawford fanboy ;)

Scarlet Heroes is a set of OSR rules that both stand on their own and easily integrate with other OSR rules that have been released over the years. The rules are intended to enable one on one or two on one gameplay without needing to rework the source material. Want to run Keep on the Borderlands with your non-gamer wife to introduce her to the hobby? These are the rules. Gaming group going to be short the next few weeks but you want to keep gaming? These are the rules. Want to kill some time running through a classic adventure and have no one to play with? These rules enable solo play.

Supporting the Kickstarter gives you immediate access to the current beta of the Scarlet Heroes rules in PDF. Kevin has hinted to me that the PDF may be completed in total before the Kickstarter funding even ends (he is still waiting on some 20 pieces of art).

One of the stretch goals will release the majority of the art into the public domain, just like he did with Spears of the Dawn.

+Kevin Crawford and the few project creators like him are the ones that renew my faith in Kickstarter. If you only back one Kickstarter in 2014, and you are an RPG fan of any kind, Scarlet Heroes should be that one.


  1. Oh Kickstarter, oh Sin Nomine, why can't I quit you?

  2. note: if you back, the link to the current PDF is in update 1

  3. Your recommendation weakened my resolve and lightened my wallet. The odd thing is I am only annoyed that I hadn't heard about it sooner...z

  4. I'm about to write a post titles, Damn You Erik Tenkar!

  5. I saw the email from Sine Nomine and almost pledged. Now that your'e throwing the mighty weight of the Tavern behind it, especially as someone burned by KS in the past, I'm jumping on board.

    Damn you Erik

  6. I wonder how this product relates to "Solo Heroes" by the same publisher. Is it basically the same idea with a bolted on retro-clone to make it a stand-alone product?

    1. Yes. I refined the Solo Heroes system and then built it out to be a stand-alone by adding monsters, treasures, spells, and 60 or so adventure tags a la Stars Without Number/Red Tide. I also tucked about 12 pages of GMless solo gaming rules in the back. So if you liked Solo Heroes, well, this is a lot more of that.

  7. This'll be my 3rd kickstarter. :) Go team!

    (For full disclosure, my other two were "The Mask of Death" module and "World of Calidar."


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