Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Man's Opinion - It is what it is

So, I've been told I need to be more careful in expressing my opinions, because my opinions have weight and unintended consequences.

It's not the first time I've been "instructed" on my opinions and the occasional destructive tendencies associated with them, but previously it's been linked to various Kickstarter critiques.

My answer hasn't changed - it is what it is.

My opinions on "whatever" are mine and mine alone. I don't moderate comments here or on G+ based on whether or not I agree with the comments. It's called "discussion", which generally requires different opinions if it it going to be lively. If everyone shared my opinions, there would be no point in discussing anything.

So yeah, there's a fire (or multiple fires) burning on G+ based on last night's ConTesa post (and no, no one involved in the con messaged me, so put the pitch forks away). I think the fire is less from my initial post, but more the comments that followed. My reach is fairly large for the size of our community, so the flames may have spread.

I'll be voicing my opinions as I always have. I apologize in advance for any sparks. You'll need to supply the kindling...


  1. I always like a good fire and it has been a much more lively day on G+ than I've seen in quite awhile. I think people have taken what you said the wrong way and run with it.

  2. F/ck 'em. Freedom of speech does not come bundled with a right not to be offended. As long as it's not lies or fabrication then it's good by me, even if I disagree or don't like it.

  3. everyone wants to take shit out of context and make it into a black and white argument.

  4. Amen to that, Joe D. Nowadays the world seems to be full of professional offence takers (usually on someone else's behalf).

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the name of this blog is "Tenkar's Tavern" and that it is safe to assume that Mr. Erik Tenkar is the voice of this blog. If you do not like this blog, I do not believe Erik is forcing you to read it. Now, I could be wrong on all of these facts, but I don't think I am. So why should Erik have to moderate his voice on his blog? To quote the person organizing Contessa - this is his clubhouse. Don't like it? Build your own.

  6. Reasons to avoid internet discussions:
    1.Can't handle criticism or negative feedback
    2. Can't handle opinions different than yours
    3. You wait to be offended. (Average wait time is .08 seconds)

    From my read of it, not having men as potential GMs limits your audience. If they are happy with that limitation, then live with the intended and unintended consequences it creates. Sadly I was hoping for a good monster hunt: the dramatic chase to the old windmill, the fearful screaming incoherent masses, the ominous storm in the background, and Dr. Tenkarstien appealing to the humanity of the crowd. Maybe next time.

  7. Anyone that told you to censor yourself is a fool. That way doesn't lead to any resolution. I disagree with what you said about ConTessa in your last post, but that doesn't make your opinion invalid.

  8. It's amazing how people who "demand" that their Freedom of Speech be protected are always quick to criticize someone else's Right to the same Freedom.

    If it wasn't so sad -- and dangerous -- it'd be funny!

  9. Unfortunately, here in the UK we do not have true freedom of speech guaranteed by constitution (we don't have one of those either). People can and have been dragged through the courts and on the grounds that their opinion offended someone else.

    To which I say, "f/ck 'em".

  10. As the Voltaire critic Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    I actually don't have a strong opinion on the ConTessa issue either way -- but I do have extremely strong feelings against censorship.

    Write on!

  11. WHO told you that? Whoever it was, tell them to fuck themselves.

  12. Your opinion (and your cat Ashley) are the main reasons I read this blog. I admit you've said some things I don't like but I sack up and move on about it!

  13. If it wasn't for your blog my view of the OSR would be vastly reduced, don't go changing...


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