Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Prizes and Possible Endgame Tweak for the OSR Superstar Competition

I have received offers to add more prizes to the competition, so it will require some tweaking of the later rounds. The tweaks will only add, not subtract from the prize list (I'm working on finalizing the prizes offered and the tweaks and I suspect I'll be adding some more cash to the pool - this is what your purchases through the links here at The Tavern for RPGNow help fund)

I will allow those donating prizes to enter the competition, as their entries will be scrubbed of identifiers when they are passed on the the judges. Some of those donating for the latest round of prizes are small publishers, and I would hate to exclude them just because they are looking to add to the prize pool.

(if for some reason I'm needed to break a tie, and one of the entries is from a donating individual, I'll strong arm a temporary 4th judge as the tie breaker)

So, if you contacted me about adding to the prize pool, yes you can enter and yes you can gift. Win / Win ;)

The competition should open tomorrow :)

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