Friday, February 7, 2014

Announcing the Panel of Judges for the OSR Superstar Competition

You can't have a competition without an excellent Panel of Judges. I'd like to present the panel for the OSR Superstar Competition:

+Rob Conley - Rob has had his finger in many an OSR project. He's also the man behind the Points of Light setting books and Blackmarsh (free in PDF). You can find his blog at Bat in the Attic

+Tim Shorts - Tim has been a sounding board of sorts for different events I've run at The Tavern. He's probably best known for his excellent zine, The Manor and his blog Gothridge Manor

+Mark Gedak - Mark is the man behind Purple Duck Games, a prolific publisher of Pathfinder and DCC RPG adventures and supplements. He has also been a generous contributor of prizes, both print and PDF, here at The Tavern.

When the judges get their entries to judge, there will be no names of the entrants attached, just corresponding numbers to my list (sorry Tim ;)

Just to make a quick note, +matt jackson will be contributing the unfinished map for the final round of the competition. You can find Matt's blog here at Lapsus Calumni

OSR Superstar Graphic is by +Richard LeBlanc . He blogs at Save Vs. Dragon

Yep, kicks off this weekend :)


  1. Huzzah! Glad to be a judge in this contest.

  2. Not a clue who any of those folks are and I thought I knew OSR.

    1. It's widely acknowledged that the OSR is divided into "courts" corresponding to the Seelie and Unseelie of Celtic folklore. For every Garrison James there's a Grover Peterson, and for every Zak Sabbath there's a Zanzibar Savage.

    2. as I recently stated elsewhere:

      The OSR is a multiheaded hydra with many factions, and any attempt to harness that energy is futile at best, terminal at worst.


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