Friday, February 14, 2014

Adding Up the Ampersands - Looking at "&" Magazine (Free OSR Mag)

It never ceases to amaze me that the spiritual successor to Dragon Magazine is NOT Gygax magazine, despite the trappings and look, but "&" Magazine, a PDF magazine whose articles drip with the feel of Dragon Mag from the mid 1980s. (edit: forgot to mention - it's free)

Ecology articles, new classes, adventures, interviews, game theory - it's all there and more.

Did I mention the hyperlinked contents page? Sure, it's new fangled and I'm turning into the old guy that yells at the kids to "get off my lawn" but I think it's awesome.

Issue #7 even has an interview with +Vincent Florio , which besides being interesting on it's own even includes a shout out to me. How the hell did I miss that before?

I have every issue of "&" Magazine on my hard drive, but I've never spent the proper amount of time doing more than a quick flip though and occasional article read. It appears I need to look closer.

Actually, I will be doing that. I'll highlight at least one article per issue that really stands out to me. Might take me a bit to get through all 7 issues, but I'll start from issue #1. If you are going to do something like this, you need to do it right ;)


  1. "I have every issue of "&" Magazine on my hard drive, but I've never spent the proper amount of time doing more than a quick flip though and occasional article read."

    It must be the spiritual successor to Dragon then because I do the same damn thing with my Dragon Magazine CD archive.

  2. Yup, it's a great magazine that never seems to get enough press. Full of useful content.

  3. Great zine. Issue #8 (Urban Adventures) comes out tomorrow!

  4. Dragon worked in its day but i look at now and think mostly adds with a few ok articles - i liked ares section better and i liked TSR ares mag better. I like one in 50 short stories in dragon. My favorite era was #50-130, Gygax magazine gives great feelings of nostalgia but but not much more than that. The blogosphere most days more useful.

  5. "Doom for AD&D?" kinda lept out at me from the cover. Sure, although I did use 3e.


  6. Wha... Gray men ecology? Sounds like Devilmount influence!

  7. Never heard of it, thanks for the pointer. I just read the nautical issue (3 I think) and was very impressed.

  8. & is providing a lot of the stuff a GM can actually use. I think its better than Dragon magazine. Not to be overly harsh because I loved Dragon in the day but the few pdfs I've found online and reread for nostalgia's sake are 90% worthless.

  9. Never even heard of this magazine. Huh. I love free stuff!


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