Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New appreciation for Old School Revival Gaming over at the Gaming Ballistic Blog

I game with bloggers, game designers, artists and the like. I'm probably the least creative in my gaming circles. I love reading the feedback and experiences of those that game with me.

One of those fine folks is Douglas Cole, owner of the Gaming Ballistic blog and writer of GURPS Supplements and articles:
New appreciation for old school revival gaming 
So, when +Peter V. Dell'Orto told me that some guy named +Erik Tenkar was looking for extra members for his Swords and Wizardry "B-Team" campaign, I'll admit I more or less had no idea who Erik was when Peter told me to sign up, only that I had had most of the games I played in drop offline...
You can read the rest of the post in it's entirety at the Gaming Ballistic blog. Tell Douglas "Some Guy" sent you ;)

Seriously, read it. He makes some great points.


  1. He lost me about halfway down the page, but I loved the comment that the OSR is gaming porn.

    1. I believe that was *your* comment, Jason. ;)

    2. Lost you when I mentioned GURPS? Lost you as in "gah, too verbose. Chatter . . . boring . . .interest . . .fading . . " or just "nope. I no longer agree."

    3. Well I did slog through to the OSR and GURPS sub-heading, and it was a combination of too verbose in a dry and slightly crunchy way like the edge of a turkey and swiss that has been hanging outside the edge of the sandwhich too long and complete and utter disagreement with the main points of your post. But I did love the comparison between defining the OSR and defining Pornography. You kind of peaked too soon.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I enjoyed reading it. Game on!


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