Sunday, February 9, 2014

If You Could Make One Post Here, at The Tavern, What Would it Be?

I've had two guest posters recently, one the other week and one tonight. I finding that I'm enjoying hosting the postings of others. Different perspectives are fun for me, even if I don't always agree with them completely (not saying that about my guest posters, just making a general observation).

I've been told I have "reach" and "influence" between the traffic The Tavern sees and those that have circled me on G+.

That very well may be. If so, I'm offering it to the community that has given it to me so freely.

I'd like to have a guest poster or two a week. We'll see if I get enough inquiries.

I'm open to topics that deal with gaming. Try not to offend too many folks, I do that well enough on my own ;)

If you are interested, use the contact form on the right and send me a query letter. Well, nothing that professional, but give me an idea of what you want to post about. I do reserve the obvious right to not publish a submission, but I doubt many potential posts will get denied with the creativity my readers have.

While you are at it, why don't you write up a magic item or three for the OSR Superstar Contest ;)


  1. Hell, if I posted and didn't offend people I'd be doing something wrong. I think I'd like to post about how much I don't give a shit about the gaming industry or professional publishing (as long as I'm not making any money from it myself). I wish Gygax had never been successful enough to stop writing adventures and settings. I wish that this had been a niche hobby all along and never turned into something presentable or professional. That Gencon had never been big enough to be held outside of a high school gym. I goddamn hate slick paper magazines that Dragon became. I don't care if we bring new players in the game as long as there are enough left in the world to fill a single table that I'm playing at. I don't care about new editions because I'm never going to play them and there is enough free gaming material out there already that I never need to part with a dime for some narrative-ridden, railroady badly constructed juvenile piece of crap that is excreted from a main stream game publisher (I can write that stuff on my own).

    I'd probably want to post something like that.

  2. How the "R" in OSR should be changed from "Renaissance" or "Revival" to "Revolution."


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