Saturday, February 15, 2014

202 Magic Items Entered thus far in the OSR Superstar Competition - The Mad Archmage Finds His Small Niche

So, it appears that this morning we are 25 entries further along than last night's post. We broke 200 magic items submitted to the contest with over a day and a half left to enter. Very humbling. Very exciting too! Yes, the OSR Superstar Competition is still accepting entries :)

I told you we had more prizes being donated and we do. This morning I'd like to highlight the gifts of two of the OSR's publishers.

+Joseph Bloch is donating a print hard cover copy of Castle of the Mad Archmage. It's a sweet megadungeon that Joe has published under his BRW Games imprint. I'll be reviewing this in the near future, as I find some down time after the first round of the competition closes to entries and it all gets tossed into the hands of the judges.

+Pete Spahn is donating a bundle of the complete line of Small Niche Games releases. Sixteen PDFs in all, including setting material, adventures, fanzines and more. I've really enjoyed Pete's releases, and the winner of this bundle should be inundated with some high end RPG reading ;)

I'm going to need to map things out on paper and see where all of these prizes will land ;)

Keep the entries coming!

(more prizes to be announced)


  1. I can't wait to see the final document of all the entries!

  2. I've just been running my players through Pete Spahn's excellent "The Stealer of Children." It has really come alive as a dynamic and vividly imagined scenario and inspired me to give the rest of his stuff a closer look. I have a feeling a lot of it plays better than it reads (not that it's poorly written, I just find it a bit dry).

  3. Hey guys, just to be clear it's 12 actual PDF products (3 of the listings in my catalog are for print products and 1 is a bundle which makes the 16 total). Sorry for the confusion.

    @Matthew Tuell - sadly, I'm not much for prose. :( Glad you enjoyed Stealer of Children!

  4. Going to second the wonderfulness of your stuff Pete.
    Great adventures


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