Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Announcing Some More Prizes for the OSR Superstar Competition - A Dragon and New Big Dragon

Look and weep at the awesome Reaper Bones Jabberwocky that +Christopher Hardy is donating to the OSR Superstar Competition. That's a $12.99 miniature (not so mini) right there. Also, 2 $10 gift certificates for CoolStuffInc.com. Needless to say, there is some cool stuff there. Just need to decide where these prizes land...

New Big Dragon, otherwise known as +Richard LeBlanc , is covering my offer of copies of the D30 DM's Companion in PDF to the top 16 vote getters in the 1st round of the OSR Superstar Competition. So, that frees up prize money for elsewhere. Decisions, decisions...

Dare I mention there are more cool prizes being donated? If we hit 200 entries, there is an extra $50 into the prize pool? That this, like other events I've been involved in, have taken a mind of their own?


  1. Replies
    1. 88 I believe.

      I've been told by more than a few that 1 week was not enough time - we may extend that to 10 days, but that's not in stone

    2. Pushing back the deadline also gives you more time to win that 'friendly wager'...

    3. wager would still come due sunday either way ;)

    4. Not to be a wanker, but a week is plenty long enough. If you can't do it in a week, I'm skeptical that 3 more days will really help.

  2. Crap, can I remove myself from judging so I can compete? These prizes are getting more and more awesome! ;-)

  3. Well now I'm definitely psyched that I entered this.

  4. How do you count the entries? 88 magic items, or 88 contributors?
    Anyway, I wrote something up today, and will polish it for the weekend.

  5. I believe this creature is a Jabberwock. So you should oil up those Vorpal blades.


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