Tuesday, December 3, 2013

GenCon Exclusive No Longer Exclusive - Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Now Available in PDF

Remember back in May when I complained that WotC was releasing the first true print version of D&D Next as a GenCon only release? Well, now Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle is available in PDF for a mere $18.

What do you get for those 18 bucks? A version of the Next rules that was already obsolete when it was sold at GenCon this past summer,

BTW, the print version was $30.


  1. Sooooo stick with the free playtest rules we've already got and don't use. :)

  2. One more reason not to buy something from WOTC... as if I needed another one...

  3. I got the paperback version of Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle a couple of weeks ago.
    OK the last part is just the (older) playtest rules, BUT the campaign itself is certainly the best adventures put forward from Wizards since... since... Monte Cook's A Paladin in Hell ?? (back in 1998) + There are many 1st ed pictures peppered through the text. Personally I'm very happy I got it, at a ridiculous price tag though (but LESS than 100$!!)

  4. The four adventures in the book are well worth it, especially for FR fans. I got lucky and a friend and his wife in attendance at GenCon sent me a copy, but honestly there are worse ways to spend $18 on dndclassics.com.

  5. I'm not sure this was ever really an exclusive item. Wasn't it intended just to have something in print for the new edition to show at Gencon?

  6. Then do not label this an exclusive item.


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