Monday, December 2, 2013

Looking For Signs of Life in Some Overdue Crowdfunded Projects

Has everyone received their Myth & Magic Player's Book? I have mine (and a seriously bad taste in my mouth) but I've gotten emails from folks that are still waiting on theirs.

Has anyone received a hard copy of Champions of Zed?

Appendix N is shipping again but I have only seen one sighting over on The Iron Tavern (I got mineback in June I think, but the copies shipping now have bonus goodies).

Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between: A Patron Sourcebook for DCC RPG is also apparently shipping, but I've yet to find signs of it in the wild.

Quantum RPG - 2 1/2 months, no updates - dead? Hmm, this may be worth a post of it's own.

So, any sightings of the nearly off the radar projects?


  1. I got my M&M book too, but I fear they're being sent out in dribs and drabs. The good news is that they *do* seem to be being sent out. No sign of Champions of Zed. Of course the tales of Axes and Anvils and Dwimmermount are all too well known.

  2. I have received some materials from Brave Halfling, so I think John Adams is getting things back on track there.

    As far as Angels, Daemons, & Beings Between goes, I have emailed the publisher, Sean Conners, for more information, and I will certainly let you know what response I get.

  3. FYI, I received my hard copy of Angels, Daemons, & Beings Between back in September, around the 22nd I believe. In Baltimore, MD, USA.

  4. I have two Kickstarters that I am waiting on that are late:

    "Red Box Games Dwarves, and Goblins, and Orcs Oh MY!!"


    "Artisan Dice Does Handcrafted Polyhedrals"

    Both were due in August. The creators are still posting updates and the Red Box Games creator sent a partial shipment (apparently he is still waiting on the other miniatures to be completed). Neither is so late that I am upset, but I am starting to get anxious.

    I have a couple more that were due in November but since December just started, I don't consider them overdue yet.

  5. A backer of Angels and Daemons here in Austin received his physical book weeks ago. No news on the "extras" (T-shirt, magical supplement?, posters, etc).

  6. I have NOT received any of the following: Appendix N modules, Myth and Magic hardbacks (In for 4 hardbacks for my local group), and Dwimmermount of course.

  7. Haven't received my Myth & Magic Player's Book yet. I have three others that are a year or more over due, the already mentioned Quantum RPG, Shadowlands by BlackStar Studios, 18 months late now. Last is the Westward RPG, which is supposedly shipping now as of the Oct 18th update, there are comments of people receiving it, but I've yet to see mine.

  8. Has anyone actually seen a copy of To Slay a Dragon ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enworld/to-slay-a-dragon-a-traditional-adventure-for-pathf )? They claim my copy was sent at the end of October but I haven't seen it yet, nor have I heard that anyone else has actually gotten a copy. I'm especially skeptical because I keep asking for who I should contact to tell them my copy has been lost in the mail (if it was actually sent in the first place) but they won't give me the name of a contact.

  9. No sign of my Myth & Magic hardcover. As an International Backer I think I am out of luck. I also managed to lose my PDF copy when my hard drive crashed. No response from the author how I can replace the PDF.

  10. Nothing from Myth & Magic, due a print copy of the Player's Book.

  11. I looked on my list of kickstarter projects, and here are the projects who haven't delivered so far (at least to me) in chronological order:
    Quantum: The last message was, that Josh had to search for a job, because he spend all the money of KS - I hope he has put the money for printing aside.
    Tephra: The Steampunk RPG: They have delivered the pdf, the books were sent out allegedly to US Backers but not to international ones - so I haven't received mine and they didn't answer to my inquiery so far.
    Myth & Magic Books: After Tenkar posted, that he has received his, I have asked Tom per pm, if mine has already been sent - but - o wonder! - no answer from him.
    COZ: MIA
    Appendix N Adventure: I hope John will have finished to send out the books soon...

    Beside Nystul & Dwimmermount that are my black sheeps of the RPG Kickstarters.

  12. No Appendix N shipment for me in Germany (and I am still waiting for the rest of my delving deeper stuff too).
    I think Quantum has gone the way of Axes & Anvils.
    The Autarch crew still works on Dwimmermount but there does not seem to be any progress.

  13. I have not recieved my Appendix N adventures yet. Or my NeoExodus RPG Day adventure and World Book from LPJ Designs either. I am also waiting on the Westward RPG but as said above, they apparently are shipping.

    Most of the other Kickstarters I have supported are updating regularly so should be fine, like Rocket Dice, Auchtung Cthulhu, Rise of the Drow, Tales from the Fallen Empires, and my Precision Aluminum dice.

    I almost supported Champions of Zed. It looked good. Sorry to hear it is MIA.

    Oh, and I got my OGRE game a week and a half ago. :)

  14. I got my Angels, Daemons and Being in Between a few months ago too, and I live in Brazil!

  15. Still waiting on my Appendix N, and I was even one of the people (idiots?) who paid the extra $10 for shipping. I haven't gotten a single piece in the mail.

  16. I've gotten 1/2 of my backer rewards for Myth & Magic (actually, slightly less than 1/2) and am lucky to have squeezed a partial refund out of Daniel Boggs because Champions of Zed looks dead-in-the-water to me.
    Mike Nystul tops them all in terms of flakiness and lack of accountability.

  17. Received less than half of the Myth and Magic, and diddly squat from AD&BB. I did get multiple copies of the Appendix N adventure, for some reason - I only ordered and needed one. And nothing from Zed.


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