Friday, December 6, 2013

How I Go About Blogging - The Secret of the "In Between Times"

We all have it. The moments in time where one has 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes away from distractions. On the crapper, in the shower, commuting to work, standing in line, ordering lunch and all the other time killers - this is what I refer to as the "In Between Times". This is when I write nearly all of my blogs posts.

Alright, I don't literally write them then, but I brain storm them, set them up, lay them out and pretty much know where I'm going with it. This way, when I sit down at the computer, the hard work is already done. Five to ten minutes later, it's typed up and hopefully proof-read and I'm posting it up.

Does it always work that way? Hell no. There are times I just sit, looking at the computer screen and go "Fuck me!" Then I walk away.

That being said, my mind is usually mulling something ;)


  1. 99% of everything I write comes from the shower..I write most posts ahead and let bogger hold them as drafts..then post them fast on breaks from work. It has been working for me

  2. Your output is freaking amazing, I really don't know how you do it... even if we all know your secret now!

  3. I used to carry around what I called my +5 Book of Pretentousness, so that I could write down thoughts that I had in those in-between times. I should have carried that in college - I've never been chatted up by more women . . .

  4. I still read your blog on almost a daily basis. Your output is amazing and your insights and humor are appreciated!

    1. Padre - good to here from you. Your presence is missed :)

  5. I think of my brain like a stove. I have a couple front burners, a couple back burners, an oven, and a warming pan. Different projects take up different spaces there...

    Thanks for your blog! Over time I have gotten lots of lovely prizes for reading, but that pales next to the neat content you post. So, thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. I find the Tavern to be essential reading.

  7. Erik, please label your posts so we can know where you wrote them and run statistics about it. :)

  8. You said it Tim!

    I mean, I've heard of reading on the crapper -- hell, I do it!

    But blogging on the crapper?

    Erik! You take your laptop into the "throne room!?" Or does the "throne room" have its own desktop?


    1. blogging is a state of mind - and my mind is often in the crapper

  9. Hopefully proof read indeed!

    Time is extra limited commodity especially close to the holidays. I get mine written up during these down times but it's the proofreading and editing that takes an hour or more before I'm satisfied. As such I have far too many draft picking up dust.

    Seriously though, I'm envious of your output and your Kickstarter watch is invaluable.



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