Thursday, December 5, 2013

WotC Shows Some AD&D Love in the Next (Online) Issue of Dungeon

Much thanks to Jeff C. for giving me the heads up on this, or I never would have caught it.

Lowdown in Highport is for AD&D. I may have to re-up just for this issue. Didn't WotC publish an AD&D adventure in another recent issue of Dungeon? If I do put my $9.99 down for a month, I plan to grab all of the useful stuff I can...


  1. Dungeon 215, Slave Lord extras in AD&D format.

  2. Seriously the smartest things WotC's done in a while is support all their editions.

  3. And I will point out the Battle of Emridy Meadows is one of the pivotal events in Greyhawk history. It sets the stage for the Temple of Elemental Evil adventure.

  4. Too bad it's another Slavers adventure. I'm getting a bit tired of Slave Lords.


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