Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kickstarter - Larry Elmore's SnarfQuest: Snarf's New Adventure

I wasn't a big SnarfQuest fan the first few times I read it back in the day, but it quickly grew on me. Elmore's art is the art of D&D for me in so many ways as it graced so many covers of Dragon Magazine and SnarfQuest was a really fun strip.

I should have the Elmore art book from the earlier Kickstarter some time this month and it looks like I'll be adding the new SnarfQuest Kickstarter come payday.

Heck, it's already funded and it's only been up for a day. Looking forward to seeing some of the stretch goals ;)

BTW, Larry was man enough to do a video apology for the fact that his earlier Kickstarter is shipping 4 months late - which is damn near on time in the world of RPG Kickstarters.

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  1. Haven't met the man, but from every video or interview I've seen, he always seemed a frank and humble person.

    And he did a sensible thing by postponing the Kickstarter project for his next art book, the black and white companion book to his full color collection. If I heard the video correctly, it's of similar scope as his color art book and apparently they're going to put more work into it before hand to prep for a smoother (and hopefully quicker) project turnover the next time.


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