Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanks to Lesser Gnome, I Have New Wallpaper on my Desktop

+Zach Glazar this will have to hold me over until can get the monster framed :)

You can find info on the Whisper & Venom Boxed Set at the Lesser Gnome website. If you missed the Kickstarter, I'm sure Zach will have copies available for sale after the Kickstarter ships


  1. One of the best Kickstarters I have been a part of.

  2. It will indeed be available very soon (like within the week). How many are available of the Kickstarter uber editions is quite limited but I have some I can ship out. More wallet friendly version will be available in January, but the real deal that the higher level KS backers got will go on sale Dec 15th. Probably in two version a basic set box (a few minis, the books and smaller Map etc) and the version that is almost the same as the $175 version from the Kickstarter. My backers got a better deal and get it first (as they should), but the very limited packages are close in price (and close to actual cost). The last of the maps are on sale at our beta store. www.lessergnome.com/shop ... Thanks all


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