Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swords & Wizardry Complete is Now FREE in PDF - The Tavern is Distributing Copies

Want a PDF copy of your very own?

Email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom with "Swords & Wizardry Complete" in the subject.

I'll email you a copy in 24 hrs or less. It's about 22mb in size. Gmail will handle the file, I'm not sure about other email providers.

It's time to start the Swords & Wizardry Revolution!

Did I mention it's my wedding anniversary today? This, the OSR Bundle of Holding later today and giving away some free copies of OpenQuest. It's a damn good day!


  1. Happy aniversary :) Also if anyone else wants a copy of the S&W Complete they can also email me: muscarATgmailDOTcom

  2. Congrats, and what a bountiful crop of free RPG goodness indeed!!!

  3. Erik- thanks for all the support with jumping on the announcement. I know all the Frogs are very appreciative of your ongoing support of S&W, and Old- School in general!



  4. Happy anniversary!

    And thank you for sending out copies!

  5. Ribbit! Rib bit! The Frogs are singing with joy!

  6. Happy Anniversary to the Tenkar's. May you have many more decades of wedded bliss.

  7. Huh. I just bought a pdf copy a few days ago.

  8. czak, email me at mythmere at yahoo (dot) com and I'll send you something additional.

  9. Sent you some stuff -- part 1 and 2 were in the Rappan Athuk, but not many people have seen #3, since it's for subscribers only so far. :)
    ...Probably even Erik hasn't seen #3, so you can gloat.

  10. Erm, maybe I should send a copy to Erik as an anniversary present instead of encouraging people to gloat at him on his happy anniversary thread...

  11. Check out irontower.com for the PDF of the complete rules.
    Happy Anniversary to you both, Tenkar!

  12. Would love a copy of this actually.

  13. Free? Really? Wow!
    Happy (belated) Anniversary =)


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