Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The OSR Takes Over "The Bundle of Holding"!

Now THIS is a gaming lineup. Look at the Old School Revival graphic up above. But what is an "OSR Toolkit" anyhow?

Glad you asked, because this toolkit rocks!

Labyrinth Lord (Fourth Release, 2009) - no art version, which is free but it's nice to have.

Philotomy's Musings and Quick Primer of Old-School Gaming
Two useful guides to the principles and values of the Old School Revival.

Knockspell issue 1
Magazine of the Swords & Wizardry 0e Project and old-style Original D&D gaming. This 61-page issue was the first of six issues released starting in 2008. Editor Matt Finch says, "The issue is much rougher in terms of layout than the later issues, but it epitomizes the fire and energy of the early OSR."

Dyson's Dodecahedron issue 1
The first 12-page issue of an irregular magazine by Dyson Logos focusing on Labyrinth Lord and B/X D&D clones.

Graph paper
A .ZIP archive of 8.5x11" .PDFs lined in a variety of useful ways.

We also have:

Swords & Wizardry Complete - my OSR ruleset of choice and just went free for all yesterday

Swords & Wizardry Monster Book

Eldritch Weirdness for S&W

Tome of the Iron God, a S&W 1-2 level adventure.

All of the above for as little as $3.95

Add about 10 more bucks and you get the following:

Adventurer Conqueror King System - the first ruleset I ran upon returning to RPGs

Stonehell with Supplements 1 and 2 - a very well done OSR style megadungeon

The God That Crawls - a disturbing adventure from LotFP

Vornheim - if my opinion on this isn't known yet, I'll leave you with a video link ;)

It's an amazing gaming value, whether one is in for 4 bucks or 14.

So, what are you waiting for?


  1. I own most of it (some of it in both physical and PDF form) and yet I couldn't resist.

  2. Just FYI, I think Tomb of the Iron God may be the best introductory modules that I've ever run. My group got nearly 2 months of weekly, 5 hour sessions of great gaming out of it, with less than a half-hour of prep time on my part for each session (mostly restocking and making the foes and treasures a bit more unique). I've since run it using Metamorphosis Alpha, which was also great fun. I couldn't recommend it more.

  3. Thought you might like to see into the future a bit:

  4. I own too much of it in print already to put my money down on PDFs, at least for the bonus books - I have ACKS, Vornheim, and Stonehell - all in hardcopy.

    The original five I'll still consider. Though I have the S&W PDFs, the rest of it would be new and the price is right.

  5. OK, after looking it over and realizing the proceeds go to charity (particularly Parkinson's - a colleague of mine has it and it's a tough disease), I bought in.

    Glad I did, both for the charity and the merchandise.


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