Thursday, November 7, 2013

Approximately 250 Copies of Swords & Wizardry Complete Distributed by the Tavern Since Tuesday Morning

This is not an exact science, as my initial DropBox downloads were not tracked for the first 24 hrs.

Still, this is what we have:

130 email requests fulfilled. The blog page for the email requests got 650 hits and 75 pluses.

Estimating 92 downloads prior to tracking. Arbitrary number based on 825 hits for the blog page announcing the link and 92 pluses. Using the 92 pluses as the number. Could have gone with 20% of the page hits (that's how it worked for emails) which would make this 165, but that seems high.

26 downloads since the tracker went live at 4ish yesterday afternoon.

Makes 248 copies distributed, give or take 10%.

Not bad for 48 hrs ;)

Swords & Wizardry Complete - my current gaming go to rules


  1. Okay, well, my G+ comment got cut short. Hit the wrong key, I suppose. As I was saying . . .

    No one ever has cause to doubt your word, Erik.

    Nystul? Are you learning from this example?

    Nice work, Erik.

    1. Still, I like to keep numbers. Spent time doing crime stats, so now it's in my blood ;)

      Where has that Wandering Wizard gone off to? ;)

  2. Snarfed my copy via DropBox yesterday. Thanks for providing that service, Erik.

    Dang. Good lookin' book. Might like to get two supplements for it for $4, via the Bundle of Holding folks.

    1. My pleasure. I really am attached to the system, so hooking this up was a no brainer

  3. I got one. Had several versions already from different sources (Reaper Kickstarter, free versions, etc.) but the Erol Otus cover is a beauty.

  4. The stuff in the bundle of holding is a good deal, if you don't have the things already. A smokin' good deal.


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