Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Lost Lands Kickstarter is Currently at 401 Backers - Swords & Wizardry Complete WILL Be Free in PDF!

Damn, but if it didn't just happen!

Heck, the free PDF may even roll out in time for the "B Team" sessions of my Wilderlands / Swords & Wizardry Complete due to kick off later this month.

Not that I know when it will happen - but we know know it will happen ;)


  1. As of right now, as long as you don't make alterations to it, anyone is free to send copies of the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook to anyone they want. :)

    It's not just a free version of the game, it's now a totally free game. Our commercial, full-art, Erol Otus cover pdf is now totally free to anyone and everyone (just don't make changes to it).

    The only changes we'll make are to fix any links to our old website, updating them to the new one. But in the meantime, send 'em around. Send them to your neighbor. Send them to Stephen Colbert. Have a festival of free!

  2. Good deal! That Erol Otus cover is the one of the most awesome ones I've ever seen.


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