Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swords & Wizardry Complete for FREE - Now Via Convenient DropBox Link

I've sent out over 75 copies via email thus far and more to go. I am most certainly NOT saying "don't email me". Some of your comments have put a smile on my face and I've tried to answer some of the many questions posed.

So yes, email me if you want to converse, shoot the shit or just say hello.

If you want to be impersonal, just click the awesome Erol Otus cover above and get your free Swords & Wizardry Complete rulebook in PDF. Oh, clicking is also instant gratification, and that is cool too ;)


  1. Very kind! Thank you.

  2. Thank you Tenkar, you're very generous to go to the effort of doing this.

  3. I do it all for the love of the hobby :)

  4. Thanks for uploading the file! I was going to email you later to request a copy of the file but this was just fantastic.

    You've really made my night.

  5. The PDF is now added in for free on all orders at the d20pfsrd store also.

  6. love your work- ever thought of putting together Grayhawk like mock up and as an epic campaign? well I have-LOL thank to your book. be well
    and thank you again!

  7. I heard about this on TheRPGSite and thank you for the download!

  8. Nice! I have the hardcopy already, but am grateful to have the PDF as well.

  9. Oh my god !!! What a gift !!! What a glorious present !!!

    I already have the "core rules" in hardback version, and I do love it, but those "Complete Rules" are soooo cool ! It adds so much to the game ! To find back (for example) the monk, ranger, druid, paladin and assassin... Waow ! It's just great !

    THANKS A LOT for sharing with us, Tenkar. :-))

  10. Ta muchly! I shall peruse this later.


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