Thursday, October 24, 2013

When Mike Nystul is the Shining Example of "How to Act", Your World is Upside Down

My world is officially upside down. I just used Mike Nystul as the example of how to act when you fuck up a Kickstarter beyond recognition and get caught in your lies and misdirections over on the Myth & Magic Kickstarter comments page.

Mike owned up to his shit. He may still be delusional about how to fix things, but he did admit to being a fuck up. I can respect that. I may not respect him as a "traveling wizard", but he did express a level of ownership of his own shit.

Tom on the other hand...


  1. If Tom were smart (not a given, he is a lawyer) he'd make the play and pay off all the steady bitchers with a book or two. Why worry about anyone that's not complaining? Send the loudest yellers some goods and hope the rest of the unwashed forget about it. Looks like at least one of his shills got his books and now they can pretend they can pretend others will also get their books...

  2. Nystul is back at it:



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