Saturday, September 28, 2013

Each Adventurer is an Adventurer, But Not Every Adventurer is an Adventurer - First Impressions of Torchbearer

I'm really enjoying the layout and the presentation of Torchbearer. It really encourages you to read it as one long piece - I haven't found myself skipping blindly ahead as I do with most RPG products. I do have some quibbles.

Well, one large quibble.

All PCs are Adventurers. Which is fine. We're not breaking any new ground with this label, but it's comfortable for a game that is drawing upon "old school" gaming as it's inspiration.

Why then, is there a character class called "adventurer"?

Right on page 10, we have the same word being given essential two different definitions. Couldn't they have done a google search for synonyms?

Here, I did it for them:

Don't like the alternatives? The "adventurer" as a class is the sole Dwarven class. Maybe "clan warrior" or "tunnel guardian" or even "delver" (used liberally in T&T).

There really is no excuse for this. Sloppy editing in IMHO.

That being said, this is the only thing that has stuck in my craw so far.

More reading tomorrow...


  1. But that IS old school.

    Class Level
    Spell Level
    Dungeon Level

    1. Good point. EVERY Class should have Adventurer in the title. ;)

  2. I'm jealous. I haven't received mine yet. Looking forward to having the physical copy. I have hella time reading PDFs lately.

  3. Who needs parity of meaning between terms.

    You fucking rules lawyer.

  4. Dwarven Outcast or Dwarven Fortune Hunter

  5. By sole dwarven class do you mean all dwarves are this class? Or that this is the only class that is restricted to dwarf? How about just call the class, Dwarf

    1. all dwarven PCs are of the adventurer class - they are the only race that can be of the "adventurer class", although all PCs are by definition (page 10) "adventurers".

      again, poor editing in this case


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