Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Completed Kickstarter - Torchbearer

Torchbearer arrived earlier today, and let me say I am surprised. For some reason I wasn't expecting a full sized hardcover, let alone one with a Peter Mullen cover. Damn pretty!

No game tonight, which works well as I'm being brought low by a cold from hell. That does leave me some free time to flip through Torchbearer. At first glance, I like the layout and the font used -old school in feel and very readable.

Not sure I'll ever run this, but I'll be more than happy to play in a session or two.


  1. Forbes Magazine, of all things, did a two-part article on Torchbearer back in April 2013:

    Part 1: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2013/04/15/introducing-torchbearer-the-new-indie-dungeon-crawler-from-the-creators-of-burning-wheel/

    Part 2: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2013/04/17/new-burning-wheel-rpg-torchbearer-sets-its-sights-on-gen-con-release-date-kickstarter-drive/

    Describes it as heavy on resource management. From the article: "The game hinges on choice, consequence, and conflict, and your inventory lies at the heart of each expedition."

    Looks like it could get really fiddly, to the point that backpacks have item slots. I'll be interested to hear the Tenkar's Tavern Review.

  2. Ohh.. And... Gesundheit!!

  3. Unfamiliar with Torchbearer, so I look forward to what you have to say about it.

    Kevin, thanks for the links.

  4. If you haven't contributed to the Kickstarter, where do you acquire this?

  5. No idea the Burning Wheel guys were doing this.

    Advertised well I take it.

  6. Does the print book contain the same rules as this?


  7. I'm still waiting on my copy to arrive, checking the mail daily for it.

  8. Κωστης, yes, that's the PDF version of the same game.

  9. The Mullen cover makes this a no-brainer for me, assuming it will be made available as a hardcover to people who don't do KS.

  10. Just waitin' for my KS copy to arrive...


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