Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kick Yourself in the Head - A Kickstarter to Make a Miniature of YOU (or just your head) - Mimic Miniatures

I'm back to scoping out Kickstarters, as you can see. This time, I'm looking at Mimic Miniatures. These folks have found a way to use 3d printing to make miniatures of their supporters (and future customers).

This is fucking cool. Even cooler then finally getting your portrait into the Kickstarter edition of Far West (BTW, shouldn't we at least have a PDF of this at this point?).

Regretfully, 100% of my gaming is done via VTTs and the interwebs - and while a miniature with my head on it looking bad ass would look cool, it would probably be just me that would appreciate it.

Oh, and I sill have the Reaper Bones Kickstarter to paint.

Still, minis depicting gamers as their characters? It's a win.


  1. From the Tabletop Connect description:

    "You can make custom 'cardstock' minis from any image."

    'Nuff said...

  2. 'minis depicting gamers as their characters? It's a win.'

    I know a number of gamers who invariably play female characters, definitely not a win.

  3. Combining the fact that I always play in person and that we don't play with minis, I can always look across the table to see the faces of the players instead of looking for their expensive 3d printed mini lookalike.

    Meh. Double Meh.

    I feel like I need a shotgun and a rocking chair...

  4. I think it's awesome. Sorry I can't do this at home (yet).


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