Monday, June 10, 2013

Not so "Grim" Reaper - Shipping to Start... Soon?

First, a quick note about Origins. We had been looking forward to seeing you there, but unfortunately we won't be there this year in a booth. Our brother Tim Peaslee will be running demos, so be sure to say hi to him when you're there. We can't do a proper booth this time around because we simply can't spare the labor right now. 
Why can't we spare the labor? 
Friday, June 7th, we received two 40ft containers full of Bones! For those of you keeping track at home, those containers were filled with over 470,000 models. We're still looking for the last container to be delivered next week, but we have enough to start shipping now. 
What's next? 
We've unloaded the containers (we have the bruises to prove it). We're getting those models organized into our system and firing up our fulfillment line this week.
We know we're behind our estimated ship date of March, so we've added a second shift for fulfillment so we can process the packages very nearly 'round the clock. We're doing everything we can to blast through these pledges so you can receive your Bones as quickly as we can manage it.
Dare I hope for delivery before the first week of july?


  1. Reaper should compile a video diary of their Kickstarter to wise up anyone thinking that million dollar orders from the other side of the world are easy to fill. Just the physical task of unloading a trailer load of pallets would break most button-pushers.

  2. Excellent news. Hopefully Reaper can keep its thumb out of its ass and keep their customers informed while this kickstarter drags itself toward fulfillment.

  3. I think their level of communication to backers (I'm one of them) has been pretty good. As far as most Kickstarters go, this has been better than most (Dwimmermount anyone?)


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