Monday, June 10, 2013

What's on Your Desktop?

No, not your computer desktop. I'm talking your desk's desktop.

Heck, I'm not even talking about the computer that is most probably on your desktop - instead I'm talking about gaming books and the like. Or in my case, a cat and a food dish ;)

Gaming-wise it's Rappan Athuk for S&W, Monstrosities (again S&W), Swords & Wizardry Complete, Crypts & Things, LL and the LL AEC, Tunnels & Trolls 5.5, Evolved Grottoes & Griffins, S&W Core and Maelorum (a solo game book)

So, what's on your desktop?


  1. Like everything else in my office, my desktop is covered with game stuff. Along the back of my desk is the D20 spillover from my shelves so it contains Mutants and Masterminds, True20, BESM D20, and D20 Modern plus their associated supplements. I also have a bunch of random box sets that didn't fit anywhere else: Dawn Patrol, Sandman: Map of Halaal, Villains and Vigilantes, Privateers and Gentlemen, Witch Hunt, Cyborg Commando, Lace & Steel, and Albedo. Add to that a drawer full of Pirates of the Spanish Main ships and a cubby full of all my dice and cards and you have a desk very crowded with game.

  2. My home desk happens to be where ever I can get a space, sometimes the recliner, sometimes the kitchen table, sometimes the couch (and coffee table), some times (rarely) the actual desk. I share it with the rest of the family and I will not leave my stuff out (except maybe a map notebook and some pens) for my family to trash.

  3. Right now it's classic Traveler, d20 Modern, and d20 Future because I'm browsing for ideas for a possible Hulks & Horrors type game. However that's likely to change to a bunch of Pathfinder stuff soon.

  4. Currently on my desk, as far as gaming materials, I have a bunch of GURPS books, Mythic GME, the Traveller5 rulebook, the MegaTraveller box set and a bunch of supplementary material from Digest Group, the WRG Ancients/Medieval 6th edition rule book and army list books, The Arcanum rule book, the Adventures Dark and Deep players manual, the ACKS rule book, Fantasy Wargaming, Hârnmaster 1st edition, WarpWorld, two of the Lace & Steel books, Pendragon 4th edition, Top Secret (with the Companion and Operation: Sprechenhaltestelle), Space 1889, and Jovian Chronicles.

  5. Wait, Evolved Grottoes & Griffins is an actual thing? I thought it was just a clever riff on AD&D for the Teratic Tome cover.

    Oh, and to answer the question - no gaming stuff out on the desk at the moment, but inside is my copy of the Dresden Files RPG and a few GURPS supplements.

  6. DCC rpg hardcover, time travellers. Guide to the 14th centiry, my nook, a bag of dice, a box of dice, my current bundle of campaign notes, a couple video games, a variety of work and home related paperwork, and some writing implements.

  7. Non-gaming stuff is on my desk-top *GASP!*


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