Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where o' Where is My Reaper Bones Kickstarter? Did an Ogre Get in it's Way?

Where o' where can it be?

When it comes to tracking my Kickstarters, I pretty much focus on the RPGs, so I really haven't touched on two of the other long overdue Kickstarters that I supported. I'm in a pissed off mood for other reasons today, so I figured this would be a good outlet ;)

Reaper Bones Kickstarter
Goal: $30,000     Total: $3,429,235     Funded: August 25, 2012
Estimated Ship Date: March, 2013     Actual Ship Date: Not Yet Shipped / Shipped / Go Figure

If all you asked for was the basic "Vampire" level, you probably already have your stuff. If you did any sort of add-ons, the "slow boat from China" literally left 2 weeks ago, 3 more weeks before it arrives, and then thousands and thousands of orders to sort and ship. I guess shipping will resume sometime in July. At this rate, I suspect both of my scheduled vacations will have passed before I see my order.

There have also been complaints on the retail level that the Kickstarter tied up production and shipping of other minis from Reaper. I'm not sure if this will be a be a boon or a hinderance for Reaper in the long run and frankly I just don't care - I want my shit!

Ogre Designer's Edition
Goal: $20,000     Total: $923,680     Funded: May 11, 2012
Estimated Ship Date: November 2012     Actual Ship Date: Aiming for October 2013

Apparently box design could be it's own college major, as the box and box tays seem to have been  the biggest delay in the oversized and delayed project.

Sure, Steve Jackson Games has kept us updated with photos and photos of all of the shit they are cramming into the already oversized Ogre box, so none of this is a huge surprise, but the nearly 5 months from last update (June 3) to projected shipping (October 21) is more than a minoir annoyance.

I need to dig out my Pocket Ogre and GEV games and relive old times. Just need to keep away from any breezes and fans and not bump the table, as the original game was easy to upset.

I will not be supporting the upcoming Car Wars Kickstarter - I'll buy that when it hits retail.

Wow, much less obnoxious then I expected when starting this post. I must be calming down or something ;)


  1. yeah, still waiting on my Vampire+stuff as well.

  2. We had a complicated order (plus Canadian) so we are waiting for Bones. We were also signed up for Metals for a Year and that kind of fell apart as well. So Reaper recently offered a cash credit for the metals portion of the order.

    We took the cash credit and Tammy's miniature box is once again reloaded.

  3. Reaper's been really bad with the communication, but if you happened to dig through their FB comments, you'll find this little gem:

    Reaper Miniatures:
    Two more containers arrived a day early today (scheduled for Monday) one more to go, but we can start shipping sometime next week! The final push is about to begin!
    Friday at 6:37pm · Like · 13

    I'm hoping I'll have my minis by the end of the month/July 4th weekend.

  4. Comments like this are why I'm always amused when people talk about "the most successful" kickstarters. Yeah, they took in a lot of money but what did it cost them to do that not only in terms of customer relations, retail relations, but missed opportunites for other things they could have focused on if they didn't need to make good on the KS? I'm still waiting for a big RPG/miniature one to fall through. The consequences of that will be very interesting to watch.

  5. At this point Reaper had a big pot of treasure (namely a huge new customer pool) has decided to dump out the treasure and piss in the pot. Most of their disgruntled customers would give them a break on the late shipping but not on the complete lack of communication. It also doesn't help that the Reaper fan-boys think the way to deal with a disgruntled customer is to call them immature douche-bags.

    Reaper needs someone who can deal with customer relations in a professional manner. They have someone know who believes that talking with customers is a 'bad thing' and 'bad things' are going to happen if they do. Well, the bad things have happened, they screwed themselves out of a crapload of customer goodwill for no apparent reason.

    1. Sadly so true. Imagine if they had said from the start that they would ship by July. Then in March they got some vampires out to customers while saying clearly that they're still waiting for the bulk of the extras from China...

      Or even if they'd have just been clearer about the status of things right from the start.

    2. So they just posted an update that more figure crates have reached them, one more to go. They'll ship orders they can fit, but the orders that need the last crate will be waiting at least a couple more weeks it sounds like.
      I'll be happy-ish if mine arrive before I leave on vacation 14th August.

  6. I appreciate the way you keep the gaming community apprised of Kickstarters. That's all I have to say.

  7. It has been reported that the shipping has been restarted but I haven't seen anything official. I just want to get this over with before anything else can come up and throw a monkey-wrench into the works.

  8. Saturday, I got a "check your address one final time email." It says that this is not yet my shipping notification. I had a Vampire plus a lot of s***.

    I must be alone in not being disappointed in either of these two kickstarters. Yeah, I'd appreciate something sooner from Ogre, even just the pocket version (my original was sadly thrown out by my parents) but I frankly need the time (for both of these) to figure out where the hell I'm going to put them.


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