Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Kickstarter Whose Call I Need to Resist - Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Call of Cthulhu is one of those great games that I never play and pretty much know I never will. I have an earlier boxed set and the 6th edition softcover (and the D20 C0C book and campaign book).

I love to read the associated adventures and even kicked in for the Horror on the Orient Express for $70.

Do I really need yet another edition of the rules that I'll probably never get to play?

Maybe, but I am sure as hell trying to resist the luring call of the CoC 7th Edition Kickstarter. The sweet point on this one is 100 bucks, and I've got enough already tied up in not yet due / due / overdue / way fucking over due Kickstarters that my wife could probably use it in divorce proceedings if she ever found out ;)

15 days left in this one.

So far I'm doing okay.

Just broke out the 6th edition rules to feed my fix ;)


  1. This is one too far that just seems to confirm that companies use KS as an elaborate preorder system. I mean these guys print and sell books all the time wth do they need a kickstarter for.

    To give player's free shit I guess.

    And what's with all the optional stretch card decks?

  2. 15 days?

    Losing 1 SAN/day.

    Yeah, that'll work out well.

  3. I backed the day it started at the $100. I'm in the middle of a Masks of Nyarlathotep game now which will probably be over one way or another before the kickstarter delivers but I've played CoC before and I'll play it again.

    Yes, it is an elaborate preorder system but there's some cool extra stuff there. I didn't back Horror on the Orient express and I may take that as an extra now they are offering it.

    1. Plus I really want it to reach 300k for the guide to monsters they're offering. Don't care about the decks or the interior colour especially.

  4. I want to get in on this one so badly but Cthulhu is my weakness and I know if I bite it will be really expensive for me.

  5. I had the pleasure of being a player in a CoC game where the Gm was
    1) an excellent story teller
    2) a huge fan of HPL
    3) From the Maine area
    We would play at night in a candle lit room with gregorian chant playing.
    Good times.


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